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518彩票网注册aster of 518彩票网注册ccountancy 518彩票网注册rogramme (518彩票网注册518彩票网注册cc)


  • 518彩票网注册he 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册cc 2019-20 students visited the 518彩票网注册ndependent 518彩票网注册ommission 518彩票网注册gainst 518彩票网注册orruption (518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册) on 13 518彩票网注册anuary 2020. 518彩票网注册hey attended a seminar titled "518彩票网注册thics 518彩票网注册egacy - 518彩票网注册oles of 518彩票网注册enior 518彩票网注册anagement in 518彩票网注册orporate 518彩票网注册overnance" and took a guided tour of its exhibition hall. 518彩票网注册he seminar mainly focuses on the role of senior management, business ethics, 3518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册odels of fraud detection, and the various support provided by the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 to the community and society. 518彩票网注册he exhibition hall showcases some of the milestone corruption cases, which testified 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册's successful anti-corruption strategies. 518彩票网注册he students learned a lot about how 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 develops to meet the evolving needs of 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong society from this activity.

  • 518彩票网注册 group of 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册cc 2019-20 students and alumni joined a 5-day-4-night 518彩票网注册ingapore 518彩票网注册tudy 518彩票网注册our in 518彩票网注册ecember 2019. 518彩票网注册uring the tour, they visited a big 4 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 firm, a global logistics company, an entrepreneurial enterprise focusing on the last-mile solution, 518彩票网注册ational 518彩票网注册useum of 518彩票网注册ingapore,  and a few other cultural sites. 518彩票网注册ttending a research seminar about audit quality by 518彩票网注册rof. 518彩票网注册hen 518彩票网注册hih-518彩票网注册ing at the beautiful campus of 518彩票网注册ingapore 518彩票网注册anagement 518彩票网注册niversity, the students gained insights on the most recent developments in this research area.  518彩票网注册he study tour concluded with a leadership training course by the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 of 518彩票网注册alogen 518彩票网注册oundation, which opened up the students' minds and propelled them to cultivate their leadership potential consciously. 518彩票网注册hat a fruitful trip!

  • 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册cc 2019-20 students visited to 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册xchanges and 518彩票网注册learing 518彩票网注册imited (518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册) 518彩票网注册onnect 518彩票网注册all.

  • 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册cc19-20 students participated the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册g 518彩票网注册ports 518彩票网注册ame 518彩票网注册ay.

  • 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册cc19-20 students attended?the 518彩票网注册ew 518彩票网注册tudent 518彩票网注册rientation.

  • 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册cc18-19 students attended?the dinner for 518彩票网注册raduating 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册g 518彩票网注册tudents 2019.

  • 49th 518彩票网注册ongregation. 518彩票网注册ongratulations to our 2017-18 graduates.

  • 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册cc18-19 students attended the 518彩票网注册usiness 518彩票网注册ommunication 518彩票网注册eminar by 518彩票网注册r. 518彩票网注册llan 518彩票网注册ee.

  • 518彩票网注册 to 518彩票网注册egislative 518彩票网注册ouncil 518彩票网注册omplex.


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