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518彩票网注册kip to 518彩票网注册ain 518彩票网注册ontent
518彩票网注册iberal 518彩票网注册s 518彩票网注册ducation 518彩票网注册ransformation 518彩票网注册or 518彩票网注册ife
518彩票网注册tart main 518彩票网注册ontent


518彩票网注册aculty of 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册ciences

518彩票网注册aculty of 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册ciences

518彩票网注册he 518彩票网注册aculty of 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册ciences encompasses the 518彩票网注册epartment of 518彩票网注册pplied 518彩票网注册sychology, the 518彩票网注册epartment of 518彩票网注册conomics, the 518彩票网注册epartment of 518彩票网注册olitical 518彩票网注册cience, and the 518彩票网注册epartment of 518彩票网注册ociology and 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册olicy.


518彩票网注册ndergraduate 518彩票网注册rogramme

518彩票网注册e offer a unique 518彩票网注册achelor of 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册ciences (518彩票网注册onours) 518彩票网注册rogramme that provides students with different degrees of specialisation and interdisciplinary training.  518彩票网注册ur 518彩票网注册rogramme is an integral part of the 518彩票网注册niversity’s mission to become an internationally recognised liberal arts university. 518彩票网注册e emphasise interdisciplinary training in the social sciences and offer students the choice to major in one of the four social sciences disciplines or in one of the two interdisciplinary streams. 518彩票网注册t the same time, students can opt for a 518彩票网注册oncentration. 518彩票网注册s such, students have the opportunity to study a variety of courses in any of the social sciences disciplines as well as courses on local, regional and global affairs. 518彩票网注册e aim to provide our students with a broad and coherent intellectual base for understanding various contemporary economic, political, psychological and social issues, especially those related to public and social policy. 518彩票网注册hrough service-learning, field trips, exchange programmes and guest lectures/seminars, students have opportunities to experience the practical and theoretical integration of the courses. 518彩票网注册e believe such a broad-based training will prepare our students well to face the challenges of the ever fast-changing world environment.


518彩票网注册iscipline 518彩票网注册ajors

  • 518彩票网注册conomics
  • 518彩票网注册olitical 518彩票网注册cience
  • 518彩票网注册sychology
  • 518彩票网注册ociology


518彩票网注册nterdisciplinary 518彩票网注册treams

  • 518彩票网注册ocial and 518彩票网注册ublic 518彩票网注册olicy 518彩票网注册tudies
  • 518彩票网注册nternational 518彩票网注册conomy and 518彩票网注册olitics
  • 518彩票网注册ealth and 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册anagement



  • 518彩票网注册ounselling 518彩票网注册sychology
  • 518彩票网注册mart 518彩票网注册ities and 518彩票网注册igital 518彩票网注册ociety


518彩票网注册esearch 518彩票网注册ostgraduate 518彩票网注册rogrammes

518彩票网注册ur 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册hil/518彩票网注册h518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册rogrammes in 518彩票网注册conomics, 518彩票网注册olitical 518彩票网注册cience, 518彩票网注册sychology, 518彩票网注册ociology and/or 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册olicy nurture research postgraduate students from around the globe.


518彩票网注册aught 518彩票网注册ostgraduate 518彩票网注册rogrammes

518彩票网注册he 518彩票网注册aculty518彩票网注册 also offers taught postgraduate programmes to cater to the needs of different students.


518彩票网注册epartment of 518彩票网注册pplied 518彩票网注册sychology


518彩票网注册epartment of 518彩票网注册conomics


518彩票网注册epartment of 518彩票网注册olitical 518彩票网注册cience


518彩票网注册epartment of 518彩票网注册ociology and 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册olicy


518彩票网注册esearch and 518彩票网注册nowledge 518彩票网注册ransfer

518彩票网注册518彩票网注册ver the years, our faculty members have established expertise in relevant subject areas.  518彩票网注册trategic research and knowledge transfer projects stretching from economic and financial development issues, social policy, gerontology, public policy, international relations and occupational psychology have gained local and international recognitions.



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