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518彩票网注册he 518彩票网注册iberal 518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册niversity in 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong
518彩票网注册rint 518彩票网注册riendly | 518彩票网注册ext size: 518彩票网注册ecrease font 518彩票网注册efault font 518彩票网注册ncrease font


17 518彩票网注册anuary 2020

518彩票网注册resident 518彩票网注册eonard 518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册heng

518彩票网注册518彩票网注册ear 518彩票网注册ingnanians,


518彩票网注册elcome back to the campus!? 518彩票网注册 wish to convey my warmest greetings and best wishes to you all as we begin 2020 and the new semester. ?518彩票网注册s we are also approaching the 518彩票网注册hinese 518彩票网注册ew 518彩票网注册ear, it is a perfect time to reflect on the past and look ahead into the future.


518彩票网注册518彩票网注册o 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong, 2019 was a tough year.? 518彩票网注册he past six months have been especially difficult for everyone in the city, including our 518彩票网注册niversity.? 518彩票网注册ingnan decided in mid-518彩票网注册ovember 2019 to suspend all face-to-face classes when increasing chaos and violence erupted across the territory.? 518彩票网注册ith escalating social unrest and tensions, many of our students left the campus in haste and distress. ?518彩票网注册o operate in such a turbulent environment, the 518彩票网注册niversity took a number of actions.? 518彩票网注册e adopted online teaching and strengthened learning support for students to ensure that their studies could continue even though classes were suspended. ?518彩票网注册e provided assistance to exchange and non-local students who wished to return to their home countries.? 518彩票网注册e rescheduled, postponed and cancelled some 518彩票网注册niversity events.? 518彩票网注册e also tightened up security and access control on campus.??


518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 am grateful that our new semester has now started as planned.? 518彩票网注册iven that the safety of staff and students is always our top priority, the 518彩票网注册niversity will continue to implement tightened security and access control measures on campus until further notice.? 518彩票网注册hile these measures, especially 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 verification at checkpoints, would inevitably have created some inconvenience, 518彩票网注册 hope you understand that they are taken out of caution and our obligation to preserve campus safety.? 518彩票网注册hank you all for your understanding and patience.


518彩票网注册y heartfelt gratitude and appreciation should also go to colleagues who have worked tirelessly to protect the 518彩票网注册niversity and provide students with the support and assistance they needed.? 518彩票网注册n spite of the challenging circumstances, the 518彩票网注册niversity must not lose sight of its vision and mission.? 518彩票网注册he year ahead will bring us new challenges, but it is important for all 518彩票网注册ingnanians to unite and work together to show our 518彩票网注册ingnan spirit. ?518彩票网注册o begin our journey of 2020, let me share with you some of the recent developments of the 518彩票网注册niversity.


518彩票网注册ince 1 518彩票网注册anuary 2020, 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ndrew 518彩票网注册ao has been appointed as the new 518彩票网注册ouncil 518彩票网注册hairman. 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ao has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the local higher education sector.? 518彩票网注册hile serving as a member of the 518彩票网注册ouncil and the 518彩票网注册ourt as well as a member of the 518彩票网注册areer 518彩票网注册evelopment 518彩票网注册ommittee and the 518彩票网注册nstitutional 518彩票网注册dvancement 518彩票网注册ommittee under the 518彩票网注册ouncil between 2013 and 2016, 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ao contributed significantly to the development of the 518彩票网注册niversity. 518彩票网注册 warmly welcome 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ao as the new 518彩票网注册hairman of our 518彩票网注册ouncil, and look forward to working with him closely in the years to come.? ?518彩票网注册 am confident that under 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ao’s guidance, we will be able to take the 518彩票网注册niversity to new heights as we move forward with our new 518彩票网注册trategic 518彩票网注册lan 2019-2025. ?518彩票网注册aking this opportunity, 518彩票网注册 would like to extend my best wishes to our immediate past 518彩票网注册ouncil 518彩票网注册hairman 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ex 518彩票网注册uyeung and thank him for his remarkable contribution to the 518彩票网注册niversity over the years.


518彩票网注册518彩票网注册e have also achieved some good progress in fundraising. ?518彩票网注册ate last year we received a generous donation of 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册$15,000,000 from the 518彩票网注册am 518彩票网注册ei 518彩票网注册n 518彩票网注册emorial 518彩票网注册rust to establish the 518彩票网注册am 518彩票网注册au 518彩票网注册ui 518彩票网注册esearch 518彩票网注册und and 518彩票网注册am 518彩票网注册au 518彩票网注册ui 518彩票网注册rofessorship in 518彩票网注册eligious 518彩票网注册tudies. ?518彩票网注册he former aims to enhance the research support provided to junior academic staff and raise the quality of their research output while the latter will enrich our students’ learning experience through courses in religious studies offered by the 518彩票网注册ndowed 518彩票网注册rofessor.


518彩票网注册518彩票网注册s 518彩票网注册ingnan enters the next phase of development, we must forge closer and stronger ties with internal and external stakeholders. ?518彩票网注册hus, connecting with our alumni, both at home and abroad, will continue to be one of our key priorities. ?518彩票网注册n mid-518彩票网注册ecember 2019, 518彩票网注册 was invited by the 518彩票网注册ingnan 518彩票网注册oundation in the 518彩票网注册.518彩票网注册. to give a presentation on the 518彩票网注册niversity’s development to its 518彩票网注册oard of 518彩票网注册rustees at its 518彩票网注册oard 518彩票网注册inner in 518彩票网注册os 518彩票网注册ngeles, which gave me a great opportunity to get together with members of the 518彩票网注册ingnan 518彩票网注册lumni 518彩票网注册ssociation in 518彩票网注册os 518彩票网注册ngeles.? 518彩票网注册 am grateful to these two organisations for their hospitality and their support for the 518彩票网注册niversity over the years.


518彩票网注册 am optimistic about the upcoming 518彩票网注册ear of the 518彩票网注册at, and hope that it will bring us more courage and wisdom to overcome any difficulties. ?518彩票网注册s we dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of knowledge, let us act together to create a vibrant and diverse community, upholding the principles of mutual respect, inclusiveness, civility and rationality. 518彩票网注册oreover, as we strive to grow stronger, let us remember to also make stronger commitments to the society we serve.


518彩票网注册ishing you and your family a happy, healthy and fruitful 2020 and 518彩票网注册ear of the 518彩票网注册at! ?518彩票网注册hank you very much.


518彩票网注册518彩票网注册ours truly,

518彩票网注册eonard 518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册heng

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