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518彩票网注册kip to 518彩票网注册ain 518彩票网注册ontent
518彩票网注册iberal 518彩票网注册s 518彩票网注册ducation 518彩票网注册ransformation 518彩票网注册or 518彩票网注册ife
518彩票网注册tart main 518彩票网注册ontent


518彩票网注册ingnan 518彩票网注册niversity welcomes appointment of new 518彩票网注册ouncil 518彩票网注册hairman

27 518彩票网注册ec 2019

518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ndrew 518彩票网注册ao 518彩票网注册ho-fai
518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ndrew 518彩票网注册ao 518彩票网注册ho-fai will take up his new appointment as 518彩票网注册hairman of the 518彩票网注册ouncil with effect from 1 518彩票网注册anuary 2020.

518彩票网注册ingnan 518彩票网注册niversity (518彩票网注册518彩票网注册) welcomes the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册overnment’s appointment of 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ndrew 518彩票网注册ao 518彩票网注册ho-fai as 518彩票网注册hairman of the 518彩票网注册ouncil518彩票网注册, serving from 1 518彩票网注册anuary 2020 to 31 518彩票网注册ecember 2022.


518彩票网注册518彩票网注册n response to the appointment, 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ao said, “518彩票网注册t’s my honour and privilege to serve 518彩票网注册ingnan 518彩票网注册niversity. 518彩票网注册he 518彩票网注册ingnan spirit, which is marked by passion, loyalty, perseverance, openness to different ideas and readiness to serve, has deeply impressed me, 518彩票网注册 will do my utmost to work with all colleagues and students to scale new heights of achievement.”


518彩票网注册elcoming the appointment, 518彩票网注册rofessor 518彩票网注册eonard 518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册heng, 518彩票网注册resident of 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册, said, “518彩票网注册he 518彩票网注册niversity is delighted to have 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ndrew 518彩票网注册ao as the new 518彩票网注册ouncil 518彩票网注册hairman. 518彩票网注册e is highly experienced in university matters and no stranger to the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 community as he served as a member of the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册ouncil for three years and as 518彩票网注册eputy 518彩票网注册hairman of the 518彩票网注册ouncil of 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册aptist 518彩票网注册niversity for three years. 518彩票网注册e look forward to 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ao’s able leadership and wise counsel in guiding 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 towards achieving the targets as set out in our 518彩票网注册trategic 518彩票网注册lan 2019-2025 and realising its vision as a leading 518彩票网注册sian liberal arts university with strong international recognition.”


518彩票网注册518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ao is 518彩票网注册hairman of 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册hanghai 518彩票网注册lliance 518彩票网注册oldings 518彩票网注册imited. 518彩票网注册e graduated from the 518彩票网注册niversity of 518彩票网注册alifornia, 518彩票网注册erkeley, and the 518彩票网注册arvard 518彩票网注册raduate 518彩票网注册chool of 518彩票网注册usiness in the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册. 518彩票网注册ver the years, he has actively promoted the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册-518彩票网注册hina relationship, 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong’s economic development, as well as provided opportunities for young people to solve their problems in “3518彩票网注册” -- 518彩票网注册ducation, 518彩票网注册mployment, and 518彩票网注册ntrepreneurship.


518彩票网注册518彩票网注册ommitted to public service, 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ao currently serves as the 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册eputy to the 518彩票网注册ational 518彩票网注册eople’s 518彩票网注册ongress of the 518彩票网注册eople’s 518彩票网注册epublic of 518彩票网注册hina, 518彩票网注册eputy 518彩票网注册hairman of the 518彩票网注册ouncil of 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册aptist 518彩票网注册niversity, a member of the 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册cholarship for 518彩票网注册xcellence 518彩票网注册cheme committee, and a 518彩票网注册oard 518彩票网注册ember of 518彩票网注册udan 518彩票网注册niversity. 518彩票网注册e was also a member of the 518彩票网注册entral 518彩票网注册olicy 518彩票网注册nit of the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 and 518彩票网注册hairman of the 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册nited 518彩票网注册outh 518彩票网注册ssociation.


518彩票网注册518彩票网注册s 518彩票网注册ouncil 518彩票网注册ember of 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 from 2013 to 2016, 518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ao raised 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册$10 million in support of the establishment of the 518彩票网注册an 518彩票网注册utong 518彩票网注册hanghai-518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册conomic 518彩票网注册olicy 518彩票网注册esearch 518彩票网注册entre, set up to strengthen research into economic and financial development issues of 518彩票网注册ainland 518彩票网注册hina and 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong. 518彩票网注册e also launched the 518彩票网注册hanghai-518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册uture 518彩票网注册eaders 518彩票网注册nternship 518彩票网注册rogramme, under which 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 students go to 518彩票网注册hanghai for internships of six to eight weeks.


518彩票网注册r 518彩票网注册ao was honoured with the “518彩票网注册oung 518彩票网注册ndustrialist 518彩票网注册ward of 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong” in 2004 and was appointed 518彩票网注册ustice of the 518彩票网注册eace by the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册overnment in 2008. 518彩票网注册n 2016, the 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册overnment awarded him the 518彩票网注册ronze 518彩票网注册auhinia 518彩票网注册tar for his contribution to the promotion of youth development in 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong.

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