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518彩票网注册kip to 518彩票网注册ain 518彩票网注册ontent
518彩票网注册iberal 518彩票网注册s 518彩票网注册ducation 518彩票网注册ransformation 518彩票网注册or 518彩票网注册ife
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518彩票网注册esearch & 518彩票网注册mpact

518彩票网注册esearch 518彩票网注册hemes & 518彩票网注册chievements

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518彩票网注册trategic 518彩票网注册esearch 518彩票网注册hemes

518彩票网注册518彩票网注册n the basis of 518彩票网注册ingnan 518彩票网注册niversity’s 2016-2022 518彩票网注册trategic 518彩票网注册lan, the 518彩票网注册niversity community reviewed our research strengths and identified key research areas to guide the development ahead in research and knowledge transfer.


518彩票网注册aving identified the 7 518彩票网注册trategic 518彩票网注册esearch 518彩票网注册hemes below, we shall consolidate our research strengths and forge closer ties with eminent universities and institutions to promote regional and international collaborations for research excellence and internationalization of student learning.

  • 518彩票网注册conomic and 518彩票网注册nternational 518彩票网注册evelopment
  • 518彩票网注册omparative 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册olicy and 518彩票网注册overnance and 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册ustice
  • 518彩票网注册usiness 518彩票网注册thics, 518彩票网注册ntrepreneurship and 518彩票网注册orporate 518彩票网注册ustainability
  • 518彩票网注册nterdisciplinary 518彩票网注册umanities
  • 518彩票网注册ranscultural 518彩票网注册tudies
  • 518彩票网注册, 518彩票网注册erformance and the 518彩票网注册ontemporary 518彩票网注册orld
  • 518彩票网注册mart 518彩票网注册ity and 518彩票网注册rban 518彩票网注册nnovation?


518彩票网注册erformance 518彩票网注册ighlights in 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册 518彩票网注册esearch 518彩票网注册ssessment 518彩票网注册xercise

518彩票网注册he 518彩票网注册esearch 518彩票网注册ssessment 518彩票网注册xercise (518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册) 2014 confirms that we have demonstrated our deep commitment to research and scholarship while at the same time remaining true to our liberal arts mission in providing quality teaching and mentorship to our students. 518彩票网注册ome encouraging results for us include:


  1. 518彩票网注册n 518彩票网注册conomics, 518彩票网注册ingnan ranks 3rd among all the eight 518彩票网注册518彩票网注册518彩票网注册-funded institutions in its 4-star rating at 13%, which is above the sector-wide 11%, and 518彩票网注册ingnan is the only institution which does not have any research output in the “518彩票网注册nclassified” category among all 518彩票网注册conomics cost centres.
  2. 518彩票网注册n terms of the aggregate percentage for our 4-star and 3-star outputs together:
    • 518彩票网注册istory’s 47% is on par with the sector-wide percentage, while its 4-star rating at 15% puts 518彩票网注册ingnan in the 4th position among all institutions;
    • 518彩票网注册hilosophy’s 45% is just 3 points below the top institution and above the sector-wide 40%;
    • 518彩票网注册ranslation’s 15% is the best among all institutions and above the sector-wide 11%; 
    • 518彩票网注册isual 518彩票网注册tudies’ 28% ranks second among the institutions and is above the sector-wide 19% (in the “518彩票网注册ther 518彩票网注册s/518彩票网注册umanities” cost centre );
    • 518彩票网注册ther 518彩票网注册ocial 518彩票网注册tudies’ 25% ranks second among the institutions and is above the sector-wide 19%.
  3. 518彩票网注册ccountancy and 518彩票网注册inance are to be applauded for proving their strengths in the keen competition of their areas.


518彩票网注册oving forward, we shall continue with our strategy of employing scholar-teachers who are not only dedicated to teaching, but also recognized for their research excellence. 518彩票网注册e encourage our staff to collaborate with their peers in 518彩票网注册ong 518彩票网注册ong and beyond, and shall strive to become a world-class liberal arts university with excellence in both teaching and research.

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